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If you'd like to help us in our mission to provide every child with a sturdy bed, we'd love to hear from you.


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By founder Jim Packard


Beds For Kids began with a small idea in 2003 when my eyes were opened to the fact that some kids did not have beds. I had a job that required me to go into homes for service work. I discovered children sleeping on floors or sharing beds with their parents. Although I felt moved to do something to help these kids, it didn't seem feasible at that time.


Over the next several years, the thought of those kids without beds resurfaced time and again. In 2009, fueled by the injustice that my kids had warm beds while many others did not, I pitched the idea to my men's Bible study. After much discussion, my friend said, "Let's stop talking and start building. Even if only one kid gets a bed, then it was worth it." So we began by making 4 beds.

Awakened to a need in our community

By summer 2012, we had given out over 100 beds. In 2014, we provided 160 beds to children in Steele and Waseca counties. In 2015, we donated 250 beds. God has graced us with generous donations and volunteers, so we keep growing every year. Our modest goal is that no child should be without a bed. We will continue moving toward our goal as long as God supports us!


To add your support to our mission, please read more about how you can volunteer or donate!

Setting out on our mission

In May 2010, we had our first public appearance as we displayed 2 of our beds at a community event. We were overwhelmed with 40 kids signing up for beds that day! The incredible need was quickly realized. Over the next couple of months, many generous individuals stepped up to help in substantial ways by giving over $3000 to get us started.


In October 2010, we officially became a 501(c) (3) charitable, non-profitable organization. This is significant as it helped our donors to receive tax deductions for their donations.

Continuous growth through God's help and your assistance